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In these conditions:

1-  Definitions
- Future means whether acting by itself through agents or otherwise.
- The consignor (or the shipper) means the sender of the tendered for transport (whether on his own account or behalf of any other person and whose name shall appear on consignment note as the consignor.
- The consignment means the goods ( whether contained in one more parcels or packages ) consigned by the consignor to Future
- The consignee means the receiver being authorized by the shipper to receive the consignment at the destination whether it is individual, company or institution.

2-  Agent means
a- Any entity in any part of the world which is for the time being a member of the same group of companies as Future.
b- any entity with whom Future may arrange a range for or provide service in connection with the transport of a consignment .

3-  Consignment note 
Each consignment shall be correctly addressed by the consignor and accompanied by Future form of consignment note which the consignor shall property complete and sign prior to dispatch of the consignment, the consignor is responsible for correctness of any information given or declaration made and is liable for consequences of any falls or erroneous declaration of information.

4-  parties an sub – contracting 
a- Where the consignor is not the owner of the consignment or part there of he shall be deemed to be the authorized agent of the owner, the consignor accept these conditions for himself and all other person on whose behalf he is acting or is deemed to be acting.
b- Future may sub-contract all or any part of this contract and may engage of agent or any other person (who may also sub – contract) to fulfil all or any part of this contract.

5-  Variations 
no waiver or alterative of or addition to these conditions may be made except in writing singed by a director of Future  no agent or person employed by Future may after add to or waive any of these conditions and where any oral or written  instruction differ from or conflict with these conditions .

6-  Liabilities not assumed 
Future its agents and servants shall not be liable under any circumstances for any special or consequential damages or loss.

7-  consignment acceptable for transport 
Future reserve the right:
a- to inspect the consignment 
b- to refuse at its sole discretion at any time to transport any goods 
c- to reject any goods already accepted for transport it in the opinion of Future
d- Destroy of otherwise deal with any goods in the consignment where Future considered (in its sole direction) that there might be risk to other goods, property life or health.

8-  Unacceptable goods
if the consignor consign to Future goods which are unacceptable or which the consignor has under valued for customs purposes , the Future shall be entitled to  return the consignment at the consignor’s expense .

9-  custom clearance
The company will use all responsible endeavors to effect custom clearance but will not be liable for any penalties imposed or costs incurred due to delay or refusal by the custom authorities or due to the consignment be impounded by the customs or other authorities and the consignee hereby agrees to identify the company on demand against any such penalty or loss.

10-  Charges 
Transport charges, supplementary charges, custom duties and other charges incurred from the time of acceptance of goods for transport to the time of delivery of such goods shall be paid by the consignor as required by the relevant authority of party .

11-  Insurance 
No insurance will be effected except upon express instructions given by the consignor to Future. 

12-  Delivery 
a- Future is authorized to deliver the consignment to the address marked on the consignment note.
b- Where for any reason the consignment cannot be delivered at the address marked on the consignment note or where the consignment is to be held for collection or is not removed within five working days, Future shall be under no liable for loss or damage to the consignor.
c- In extreme circumstances beyond the company’s control such as but not limited to bad weather , nature disasters , curfew , ports/airports shutoff or disability , sealing off the borders , lack of security , security threats , sudden technical problems … etc , the company is liberated from its time obligations till the reasons are lifted and no longer effective 
d- During abnormal situations beyond the company’s control such as but not limited to robbery, theft, fire, explosions … etc, the company is resolved from any obligations and not responsible for any delay, partial or full loss or damage and not liable to any of the sender or the receiver for any kind of reimbursement or compensation financial or moral, moreover the sender has to pay all the dues and charges to the company. 
e- In any situation may come ahead , the company’s case report is valid , ruling and not subject for denial or questioning 

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