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Give your customers the perfect day with a pick-up and delivery capability that spans the globe, Future Express offers a comprehensive range of express delivery services for the export and import of your documents, parcels to help keep your business running smoothly. 

Future Express offers variety types of packaging solutions:

Free of charge Standard Packaging that consists of Future Express flyers 

A payable Packaging range that consists of premium quality Express flyers cartons and boxes, meeting shipping requirements for many different products 

Future Express ensures fast, reliable delivery for all your shipments, so you can improve your business with:

-Faster service for your customers 
-Shorter lead times 
-More efficient processes 
-Door-to-door transport from one company means you have total visibility of your shipment 

Whether you are sending samples, spare parts or finished products, you can rely on our extensive global express network to get your shipments there fast.

Shipments containing non-document items must be accompanied by a Customs invoice .

Easy and speedy your shipment transportation to all over the world. We provide quick, safe and reliable door-to-door transportation of various shipment, such as business documents, product samples or mass volume large-sized merchandise.

We can arrange a pick up for you from anywhere in the world along with the convenience of collecting the charges from you on delivery in Baghdad.


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